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Challenges of Cross Cultural Supervision - Cover

A Training Video and Manual

This film was created in 2000 to facilitate discussion among human services practitioners and their supervisors, where there are racial and cultural differences both between the supervisor and supervisee in the supervisory relationship and/or between either practitioner and the clients being served. The vignettes portray various dynamics that might emerge, and the accompanying Instructor's Manual provides both a conceptual framework for understanding those dynamics and some discussion questions. The discussion questions are aimed at helping professionals think critically about those issues, and to offer alternative approaches that emerge between supervisor and supervisee regarding their supervisory relationship and their approach to clients. Whereas awareness of the impact of race and culture on these dynamics have evolved since the film was created, the issues presented are as relevant today as they were then and can easily be explored considering current perspectives. The film is based on concepts from Tamara L. Kaiser’s book, Supervisory Relationships: Exploring the Human Element, available on Amazon at Amazon or available for order at any bookstore or electronic reader.

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