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Supervisory Relationships - Book Cover

Exploring the Human Element

This book teaches supervisors and supervisees to anticipate the workplace issues they may face and provides them with valuable insights about what really goes on in the supervisory relationship. Because such a range of real-life situations are presented, readers reap the benefit of being confronted with workplace situations it might take them years to run across. The diverse vignettes, drawn from clinical practice in a variety of settings, lend a powerful dynamic to this practical book and provide a departure point for discussion or even debate about senstitive issues. This book is a valuable learning tool for both students and professionals.

"The material is practical and the vignettes address the heart of the problem that supervisor and supervisee struggle with and is often omitted in training and education. The book presents supervisors and supervisees as humans and not mere machines without feeling, a history and a story which can limit them professionally. The honesty and directness related to race and ethnicity was a breath of fresh air, giving concrete examples enhances the learning experience."
— Janice Adams, Indiana Wesleyan University

"I think that this work could well become a classic in the area because of its strenghts in providing both considerable material on cross-cultural relationships and in its experience-near approach to the topic. Indeed, I have suggested to individuals I know who teach in this area that they should watch for its publication."
— Carolyn Saari, Loyola University

Table of Contents

  • The Importance of Relationship
  • Power and Authority
  • Power: Dual Roles in Supervision
  • Shared Meaning
  • Trust
  • Epilogue
  • References

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